alex smith - adult coach

Alex started playing field hockey in high school and continued to play in college at Wheaton College where she studied psychology and economics. She is now the head field hockey coach at Episcopal High School where she also coaches track and field. Alex loves to coach because she enjoys the collaborative nature of team sports. She love teaching young women the joys and challenges that come with athletics and learning more from them. She also loves the game of field hockey and enjoys sharing that passion with her players. “I think that the idea of playing beyond the game is important, especially when kids are beginning a new sport. Athletics, by nature, hold valuable lessons that you carry with you in life and I think being able to identify some of the triumphs and trials that come with learning a sport are useful. A great deal of who I am as a person comes from my experiences on the athletic field and I was fortunate enough to have coaches who instilled values in me that went beyond wins and losses. As a coach now, I try to do the same thing for my athletes.” The greatest skill that athletics has taught Alex is resilience. She says that in the athletic world, you will face many difficulties that you have little control over. It is important to take these challenges as opportunities to improve, strengthen, and control what you can control.