becca lueders - assistant adult coach

Becca played four years of high school field hockey, first as a goalie and then as defense/forward. She went to UMass Amherst and has a degree in public health. She also has a degree in nursing from George Washington University. Throughout college, she played on and off and played for an adult league in Boston following college. Becca started coaching field hockey for Beyond Sticks Fall 2018. She coaches field hockey because she loves the sport and loves getting to share her love for the sport with others. “It was such an integral part of my life and I like being able to teach others what I’ve learned over the years.” Becca believes that Playing Beyond the Game means learning how to carry oneself in a positive way both on and off the field, and how to build up others to improve the team. Becca says the most important thing sports has taught her is resilience. “Without sports I never would have learned how to push myself even when I’m failing and when things are difficult. Sports gave me an outlet for my frustration and positive coping mechanisms to improve myself.”