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Caitlin Walker - summer 2019 college coach

Caitlin had a very successful playing career at Salisbury University: 3x conference champions and 1x D3 National Champions. She was named 2x All Conference 2nd Team and All Region 2nd Team, and 1x NCAA All Tournament Team. She currently is the assistant coach at Goucher College where she is also doing a Master in Athletic Leadership & Administration. “I coach because I was so lucky to have the best experiences as a player- largely because of the coaches I got to play for over the many years. I want to be a reason players get to look back on their experience and feel the same way.” Caitlin loves the Playing Beyond the Game philosophy. She realized as she got older how much she had learned about herself through playing hockey. That’s why Playing Beyond the Game to Caitlin means that you take the skills you learn in your sport and apply them in other activities to see the effect on the bigger picture of life. The best lesson Caitlin learned through sports is to acknowledge her own weaknesses: “Finding ways to improve them but also finding ways to let others around you fill in for your weaknesses with their strengths to work together. This goes for work, friendships, and relationships!”