Chelsea bruno - Adult coach

Chelsea played 3 years of varsity field hockey at Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, New Jersey. She continued her education at James Madison University studying in special education. She has been the Assistant Head Coach at West Potomac High School for two seasons. She has also been with Beyond Sticks for 2 seasons. Chelsea coaches because she loves the sport of field hockey. She wants to help young girls develop both as athletes and women. She enjoys seeing them learn and grow. “Play Beyond the Game means developing your skills as both an athlete and as a person. You can bring so much of each one into the other. Life is about the lessons you learn and how we grow from them.” One lesson sports has taught her is that it’s okay to make mistakes, it is more important to see what you learn from the mistakes. “In every sport I played, I always made a mistake, what was more valuable to me is the lesson and feedback I got from those mistakes.”