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Elizabeth tonelero - development program head coach

Elizabeth played field hockey at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech. She continued her education at Rice University where she studied Civil and Environmental Engineering. During college she competed in cycling and long distance triathlons (Ironman distance) and played club soccer. She coached the freshmen team at Madison High School for 1 year and will be the assistant varsity coach this coming year. She coaches to help show young women what they can achieve with good effort and attitude. Additionally, she uses the field hockey pitch as a platform to teach skills that are transferable outside of athletics. She believes that athletics can develop players beyond teaching them sports skills. “Play Beyond the Game to me means bringing lessons like leadership, integrity, communication, and teamwork with us off the field and into our lives. As a coach it means I strive to develop players as people, and not just as athletes.” One skill that she learned through sports that still helps her today is that you have to show up and put in the effort to get better at something. If something is important enough to take up your time, it is important enough for you to put in a full effort.