erin lueders - adult coach

Erin began playing field hockey when she was 13 and immediately loved it! She played throughout high school and helped start the club field hockey team at Emmanuel College where she is studying biology. Erin coaches at Beyond Sticks as an assistant coach. “I fell in love with field hockey at a young age. The sport and team challenged me to work hard, be passionate, and never stop striving to be better. The sport has had an impact on my life and I would love to inspire that in other young players.” Erin wishes she had access to Play Beyond when she was younger. She believes it's incredibly important to teach the kids that there is more to the sport that hitting a ball and that the lessons learned on the field are applicable in daily life as well. “Instilling this mentality in the kids now is providing them with a strong foundation to grow as both players and people.” One lesson that Erin learned through sports is that you're not always going to get what you want, and it's not always going to work out the way you planned but that doesn't mean you stop trying, if anything you try harder.