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Fiona heaps - High school coach

Fiona has been playing field hockey since fourth grade. Field hockey has always been her favorite hobby and something she look forward to doing every day. Fiona will be playing at Swarthmore College next year! She has been coaching for three years now at Beyond Sticks and Southeast Storm. She loves coaching because it allows her to share her knowledge of and love for the game of field hockey. “I love coaching so much because it brings me joy to see all the kids smile as they come to practice or camp!” Fiona says that Playing Beyond the Game has been an important message for her as she grew and continues to grow as a field hockey player. She thinks it means focusing not only on the aspects of field hockey that take play on the turf, but thinking about your attitude, leadership, encouragement, and sportsman-like-behavior. Her teammates have also played a big role in her development. “Hearing the encouragement of my teammates after I do something well or make a mistake is why I love playing field hockey so much!” The best lesson that she has learned from field hockey is to never doubt the power of a strong bond. “This year, my high school team was the underdog in the semifinals game. We all came together for team meals and bonding activities before our big game. We believed in one another and encouraged one another to an extent that was absolutely incredible to watch. Because each and every person on our team believed in our team and never doubted the power we had as a super bonded team we defeated the 1st ranked team in that semifinals game!”