Juhi Chandrabhatla - Coach for both outdoor & indoor development

Juhi played field hockey since the 3rd grade up until the end of high school and has loved playing both outdoor and indoor. She played on many league and club teams and was a beyond sticks player at one point! She has been coaching with Beyond Sticks since 2016 and has loved every moment of it! She is a current student at Virginia Tech and studies Biochemistry and French. “I coach because I want to grow the game and inspire young kids everywhere to love field hockey. I also coach because I want to share with kids the same experiences I had growing up while playing field hockey.” Juhi believes Playing Beyond the Game means learning from the game, whether it be mistakes or successes, and applying these aspects to other areas of life. Also, playing beyond the game reminds her of teamwork and helping others to achieve a greater goal, rather than simply an individual goal. One of the most important lessons she learned through sports is to forgive herself and learning from her mistakes. “I have used this skill in areas other than field hockey, and this has improved the way I think and how I achieve my goals.”