Lily holmes - assistant high school coach

Lily started playing field hockey for Potomac in seventh grade. After one season, she discovered the position she was suited for was defense -- the best place for being aggressive and making big clears. She continued to play for Potomac all four years of high school and loved playing on varsity with Coach Scott. She started coaching for Beyond Sticks spring and fall clinics as a sophomore, and has continued to help out throughout her senior year. “I coach because of all the older girls in my life who served as role models to me, on and off the field. I strive to do my best to make a positive impact on even one player.” Lily believes that Play Beyond the Game means remembering who you are and what you value when you are off the field and carrying that with you. “The best lesson field hockey has taught me is that you get out of it whatever you put into it and that I am only responsible for my own actions. This helps me today as it reminds me not to focus too much on what others are doing, and continue to push myself.”