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Lindsey Eller - college coach

Lindsey has been playing field hockey since fourth grade. She started with just Rec League but eventually began playing travel (with PFH, Storm, and then Capital Pegasus) up until around her junior year of high school. Then, she focused solely on her high school team, which began as part of LCL but became a recognized varsity high school sport her senior year. Lindsey has been coaching with Beyond Sticks since 2016, working at clinics and some camps. She is currently studying psychology at the University of Virginia. She coaches because she loves field hockey with her whole heart. She says that being able to help younger girls develop a love for field hockey too is one of the best feelings in the world. Lindsey believes Playing Beyond the Game means so much more than just playing field hockey and learning sticks skills. “Playing field hockey also means learning how to grow from your mistakes, learning how to work with others and be a good teammate, and developing confidence.” The best skill field hockey has taught Lindsey is how to be encouraging. It taught her how to encourage herself and her teammates to push themselves and to keep going even when making mistakes.