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lizzie ireland - adult coach

Lizzie went to south County Secondary School and played varsity field hockey all four years there. She was on Coach Chrissy's first ever club team way back when! Then, she played a couple years on Southeast Storm to round out her high school career. She then went on to play field hockey at The Catholic University of America where she studied nursing. She now works as a nurse in the Pediatric ICU at Children's National. Lizzie has coached with Beyond Sticks for years! In total she has coached off and on for Beyond Sticks, Southeast Storm, and USA Field Hockey Futures for about 5 years. Lizzies loves field hockey and therefore is so happy she can coach to stay involved with the game. “It is such a rewarding experience when I am able teach a kid a new sport and see them develop into a little athlete right before my eyes!” Lizzie believes that Playing Beyond the Game can mean anything from gaining the confidence to raise your hand in class to knowing how to express your gratitude for your teammates or even coworkers. As a product of Play Beyond the Game, Lizzie can say this program teaches you how to communicate with others and be the confident, strong, reliable teammate or even classmate/coworker you are meant to be! The best lesson sports taught Lizzie was to believe in herself. “I struggled with my self confidence throughout high school and college. I think field hockey really helped me discover how strong I am and taught me how to embrace my mistakes and grow from them. I still take those lessons into work with me everyday. Nursing in its own way is a team mentality. There is not a single day I can go into work and say "okay today, I'm doing everything on my own". Field hockey is a team sport, I relied on my teammates everyday when I was playing to build me up or to be there to encourage them and today I rely on my coworkers in a very similar way.”