molly o’connor - Assistant high school coach

Molly first started playing field hockey in third grade at a Beyond Sticks camp. She played club field hockey and will be playing her third year of varsity high school field hockey as a senior at St. John’s College High School. She coached several weeks at the Beyond Sticks summer camp last summer, and has helped out at Beyond Sticks weekend clinics this spring. Molly coaches because she loves field hockey and everything that it has given her. “Not only is it my favorite sport, but it is also taught me valuable lessons about hard work and team work. As a coach, I am able to pass on these lessons as well as spread the love of the game.” For Molly, Playing Beyond the Game means reaching further than just talent. She says although skill is important, an athlete that plays beyond the game brings not only skill, but determination, positivity, teamwork, and many other traits that create a rounded player. “The best lesson I have learned from playing sports is that you can achieve almost anything if you work hard. I know from experience that when I really want something and when I work hard for it, I can usually overcome any obstacles to meet my goals.”