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Jenny mccann - Adult coach

Jenny played for Beyond sticks and Southeast Storm in high school before playing at William and Mary for four years. She just ended her last year at William and Mary as a captain. In college, she studied Latin American studies and teaching English as a second language. Jenny has coached at Beyond Sticks off and on for five years. “I coach to give other kids the same fun and growth-filled experience I had as a young athlete. Playing sports is a great way to develop yourself in both character and skill. I coach for Beyond sticks to give back to the organization that helped form me to be the athlete I am today, and that played a fundamental role in my opportunity to be a collegiate athlete.” For Jenny, Playing Beyond the Game means utilizing sport for what it is, a vehicle to grow in character and community with those around you. She believes it is important to improve your skill and see results, but only after you recognize the opportunity sport gives you to embrace positivity, resiliency, and collaboration with others. The best lesson sport has taught her Sport is to embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and improvement. “I’ve seen athletes at all levels of play make mistakes. Some of my most talented teammates in college made mistakes in practice all the time because they weren’t afraid to take risks, and that’s what made them great! I try to apply that lesson to all parts of my life.”