tara mclaughlin - high school assistant coach

Tara played field hockey with Burke Athletic Club doing clinics from 10-14 and switched to become goalie in seventh grade. She also played club with Capital Pegasus for three years and attended a ton of tournaments with them like NITs, and played for other teams including Southeast Storm. She also played through senior year, including 3 years of varsity. She is attending William & Mary this coming fall and plans to play club field hockey there while studying Economics and International Relations. She has coached occasionally for BAC field hockey in high school, and has worked with Beyond Sticks since this spring season. “Playing Beyond the Game means that the skills you learn on the field, and the relationships you create on a team help improve your life off the field. The values you build while being a competitive athlete teach you a sense of respect, perseverance, and integrity that I don't think anything else can quite teach you.” One lesson that sports have taught Tara is to put in your all today– not tomorrow. “Start here, now, on this field, and become the best player you can be. I think that lesson applies to a lot of things in life.”