liv parsons - college coach

Liv started playing field hockey in 6th grade. She played for local rec teams and then played for Southeast Storm and also Capital Pegasus. She played varsity for her freshman year at Holton Arms, sophomore year she changed schools and played the next three years on varsity at The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut. She is currently on the team at MIT, studying mechanical engineering and materials science, and has one season under her belt. She went to Beyond Sticks camps when she was younger and three years ago she was looking for something to do over the summer and wanted to give back so she started by taking pictures and making videos for Beyond Sticks. She has been working for Beyond Sticks for three years now and has taken on more of a coaching role last summer. “When I was a camper at Beyond Sticks I had a coach who wore these aviator sunglasses that I thought were so cool. She was a real adult and knew everything. Fast forward 10 years and there I am with my own aviator sunglasses thinking those girls must think that I know everything - but I don’t! As a coach I want to help spread the message that adults don’t know everything, and that’s totally okay! I love to embrace failure because not only will it help you learn a sport but it will help you grow off the field as well.” According to Liv, Play Beyond the Game means to bring skills you learn on the field to other aspects of life, whether that’s how to be a supportive friend, tricks to help keep a positive mindset, or how to persevere. These are all life skills that can be learned on the field. One thing that Liv has learned through sports and still helps her today is that failure is something to appreciate. “Not only does failure mean that you will learn something, it also means you’ve pushed yourself past what you were comfortable with, and with those two outcomes, the only option is to grow.”