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RaEgan sullivan - college coach

Raegan has been playing field hockey since second grade. In middle school she started becoming very involved in travel leagues and she played travel for about 4 years. She also started coaching in middle school with my mom, and coached throughout high school! For the past couple summers and winter, she has been coaching youth with Beyond Sticks! She currently plays club hockey at CNU where she will be graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in Dec. 2019, and then attending graduate school at CNU to pursue my Masters in Teaching, and will be graduating in May 2021. She loves coaching because she loves being able to influence kids and create lifelong relationships. Raegan thinks it is so rewarding to coach starting with the youth and watch them grow up and pursue college hockey. She also enjoys that even though she does not play field hockey nearly as much as she used to, through coaching she can still be involved with the game. “Playing Beyond the Game is a line that I hold very close to me. It means to work in and off of the field as an athlete, both on and off the field. It is about sportsmanship on the field and in the classroom. This is the biggest reason I love coaching for Beyond Sticks; we strive to create great athletes while also creating smart, loyal, and caring individuals.” One lesson she learned through sports that still helps her today is that it is not about winning, but it is about how far you have come by the end of the game as a team and as an individual.