stef vestal - McLEan Site Director

Head Coach: Justice High School

Stef started playing field hockey in 8th grade and continued through high school in North Haven, CT, and on a club team at Bentley College in Waltham, MA. She also excelled at basketball and track and field in high school and continued her track and field career at Bentley. Stef has been coaching youth sports in the DC area since 2008. She coached rec field hockey and basketball and began coaching high school sports in 2011. She coached basketball and field hockey at Thomas Jefferson High School for three years and then was the head Varsity Field Hockey coach at Flint Hill for five years. She is currently the head Varsity Field Hockey coach at Justice High School. She has been coaching with Beyond Sticks and the Southeast Storm club since 2011. She primarily works with U16 teams and with younger and newer players teaching them the game and skills. Stef coaches because she love the game of field hockey and she hopes to inspire others to enjoy it as well. “I believe that young people should have opportunities to be outside and to be a part of teams. I love that I have the chance to work with passionate athletes and teach them skills that will contribute to them growing up to be leaders.” According to Stef, sports is about so much more than playing, winning and losing. Play Beyond the Game helps to remind athletes and coaches about the little things that go into making young adults into student athletes and leaders. “My experience in sports has led me to be a better person. I have developed leadership and teamwork skills because of my experience playing and coaching sports. My life and career is what it is because of the positive moments in sports.”