Summer Camps Facts and Questions


If I am a varsity or club level player will I play with beginners or JV players? Or Vice versa?

Although campers will run the warm up together and have lunch and water breaks together, we split our athletes into age and skill appropriate  teams.  New players do not interact on the field with the older and more experienced players while playing. Furthermore, because our curriculum focuses on concepts and allowing our superb coaches to coach to the players, the curriculum is different for each group depending on where they are.  That's why we've had beginners say this is great camp as well as Division 1 recruits. We push you to move beyond your level of play, not any other player.

What experience level do I need to be at to attend?

Per the previous questions, camp is structured for both new and advanced players.  Of course, we do move players around based on what we see so you are in the best group for you.  The groups typically are: Elementary New, Experienced (if applicable) New Middle School, experienced middle School, Newer rising ninth graders, experienced ninth graders, Junior Varsity Level and 2 Varsity Level groups. If you want to be with your friends, we put friends in the group to accommodate the least experienced player.

Do players ever get recruited to colleges from camp coaches?

YES! College coaches are unable to turn their "recruiting" brains off, and if they see a player they believe would be a good fit for their school, they certainly talk to the Beyond Sticks staff and reach out to the player. At least a handful of athletes get "seen" at Beyond Sticks camps every year.  The best way to know if you are a good fit with a school is to be COACHED by that coach. It is also very helpful if you are interested in another similar school to see if a coach working our camp shows interest in you. More importantly than being recruited, our college coaches teach hockey at a level they want to see all recruits have, so you get better!

What does the camp curriculum entail?

It depends on your level of play.  If you are relatively new to the game, you will leave knowing the basic concepts and be confident going into preseason or fall play.  If you are a seasoned player, we focus in on refining your skills and challenging your current technical and tactical level of play. We have groups big enough to work on tactical concepts like different presses, corner concepts and how to approach new rules, like the new long hit, so you can go back to your team and be a leader.

Do I need my own equipment?

You will need your own safety equipment (shinguards, mouthguard), but we have loaner sticks available and shinguards for purchase. Please email us if you may need a stick.

Who makes up the coaching staff?

Our Field Hockey only camps in McLean are coached by current college coaches. All of our head coaches are USA Field Hockey certified. Our Leesburg location is lead by varsity coaches, and our youth camp is lead by experienced club and varsity coaches plus well trained college athletes (who bring the much needed cool to our staff). Check our our team of coaches here.

What are "Play Beyond the Game" Sessions?

During lunch, our workshops give athletes the tools to implement the lessons they learn in sports on and off the field. Our sessions build upon last years theme a day to leave players with a toolkit to help them with goal-setting during the off season and come the fall. Sessions are 45 minutes max and we typically learn concepts such as being process oriented, learning to listen, building trust, and knowing your style through games like an egg drop, building a marshmallow tower or working together to accomplish a goal.

Where is the camp held, when, and from what times?

Camp is at The Madeira School or The Potomac School for 2019. Our mini-camp is in Leesburg at Evergreen. 

What is the transportation situation?

For hockey camps, campers provide their own transportation.  Only for our youth camps do we offer busing through Summer at Potomac. If you are in need of a carpool situation, we can help put campers in touch with one another.

What do I need to bring each day?

All sports gear, sneakers, sunscreen, water and to pack their own lunch.

What do I do if I need to stay for the late pick-up?

As we have not had many players needing to stay late, we do not offer late pick up this year.  If you need to stay late, please contact us directly. We can certainly work something out!

Do you offer refunds?  

Please see our refund policy on the registration page.

Multi-Sport Youth Camp FAQ

What is a normal day like?

A normal day goes something like this: campers will play one sport in the morning, then have lunch, a Play Beyond the Game session, and a trip to the pool in the middle of the day, followed by their second sport session in the afternoon. Laughing may occur at any or all sessions.

Can I only play my favorite sport?

We require our campers to play 2 different sports (because it's fun to try new things!). Although a lot is based on numbers, we often have all our campers playing field hockey in the morning, and in the afternoon session, the camper can choose between lacrosse and soccer. If you have experience in a sport you will be grouped in separately from our beginners. In 2018 we had about 25 campers per week (depending on the week) and expect more this year, so will most likely be in two-three groups per session.

What happens if it rains?

If it is just raining lightly, we will play outside. If the rain becomes too much and the coaches believe it to be dangerous, or if there is thunder or lightning, the camp will move inside to do indoor games, leadership sessions, or sports the gym. Luckily, it rains a lot in the summer, but mostly in short bursts, so we rarely are inside all day.

Do I need my own equipment?

You will need your own safety equipment (shinguards, mouthguard, goggles) but we will have extra field hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, and soccer balls for you to borrow. If you have your own equipment, we recommend that you bring it.

What do I need to bring each day?

Each day you will need to bring: your sports gear, sneakers, sunscreen, lunch, a towel and a bathing suit.

What are "Play Beyond the Game" Sessions?

We incorporate leadership and character building sessions into our days to help our campers learn the different aspects of being an athlete on and off the field. We will build upon our themes from last summer and also include lots of fun activities like a team-building egg-drop challenge, water balloon tosses, tie-dye, or building challenges to integrate teamwork, confidence, and fun into one great day.

Why don't you have the registration on your site?

We work with Summer@ Potomac to run our youth programs.  They manage the busing, after school care, the pool time and lots of other amazing behind the scenes work (including those weekly Popsicles).  They are great partners; you can register through them HERE.

How does the transportation system work?

Transportation is provided through the Potomac School Summer Programs. Please click this link for information.

Will I be playing with girls my own age?

We will try to group campers together by age and skill level, but also encourage the entire camp to be able to participate as a group. There is a certain kind of magic that happens when older athletes are giving the chance to show off some leadership and role modeling to our younger players, and we love what happens when we mix ages carefully. Certain activities will involve the whole camp, while other activities will be split up by age and skill. For our sports this year we will be splitting up our skills so we can offer more advanced curriculum to our older, more experienced players.  As we've grown as a camp, we want to give our older girls the chance to grow with us!

Where is camp held, when, and from what times?

The camp is held on the turf at the Potomac School at 1301 Potomac School Rd. McLean, VA 22101. Camp runs Monday to Friday from 9am-3pm. Camp week options run from the last week of June through the first week of August.