Our Mission: To empower young people through sport.

Sport is simply a vehicle to teach strong values applicable throughout your life.  We find success not despite this philosophy but because of it.

In a nutshell

Beyond Sticks was founded in August 2011. It has grown from Coach Chrissy (Lewis) Sumers working with 11 athletes to an experienced coaching staff developing up to 500 athletes per season. We now include a non-profit branch, Play Beyond the Game. While the numbers have changed and our organization has expanded, our core message has always remained the same; we empower young people through sports.

While many athletic opportunities for young people focus only on the technical aspects needed to achieve success on the field, Beyond Sticks systematically empowers student-athletes to become better and stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Our staff focuses on giving young people a high skill level and technical knowledge of the game, but also believes success comes when athletes are able to translate these skills into other areas of life. We offer this unique approach to the game through summer camps, development academy, clinics, and supporting rec leagues like LCL and the Hudson Valley winter league. Our work with the Positive Coaching Alliance, the Positivity Project and USA Field Hockey help us become better coaches and role models as we empower the next generation of young people.

Sport is a conduit for learning life lessons.
— Chrissy Summer, Founder & Director of Beyond Sticks